Martin Kuvandzhiev

@ Phyre

Martin Kuvandzhiev is born was Burgas in 1994.He studied in the High School Of Technics and Electronics in his birth city, and now is a student at Technical University of Sofia. He has 2 years experience in development for Apple systems, 2 years in embedded electronics and 3 years in electronic circuit design. He loves working in startup projects and has a few completed startups. Currently he is working as Lead iOS Developer for the project Phyre. With all of his accomplishments he considers as the greatest the winning of NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2015, the Best of CES 2014 award (by digital trends) and the prize John Atanasoff for 2016. In his spare time he loves playing guitar and bouzouki, and also to 3D print and make futuristic 3D designs.