Emil Petkov

@ eMerchantPay

As eMerchantPay Group’s chief technology officer (CTO), Emil Petkov is responsible for the IT direction and vision on a group level, including software architecture and development, infrastructure design and system administration, information security including PA-DSS, PCI-DSS, and related payment security certificates, and IT support, and managing internal and external teams in order to deliver the technology part necessary for the business.
Emil brings 15+ years enterprise-grade IT experience in telecommunications, high-end e-commerce, and payments, having spent the last 9 years bootstrapping and leading engineering and infrastructure teams as an architect and CTO. He built cutting-edge e-commerce platforms, loyalty programs, payment gateways, billing and reconciliation systems, and e-wallets amongst others. Some of those include products for giants like HP and eBay, but also present are tailored solutions for mid-sized businesses and startups.

Emil possesses strong skills in product design and management, and leads cross-functional teams by clearly communicating technologies and their relevance to the business – in order to drive business performance, efficiency, and growth.

Last but not least, Emil has a deep understanding of the payment ecosystem and its players, having spent the last decade working on the merchant side, PSP side, acquirer side, and the card issuer side, in that order.